PR Management

Public Relations is a vital component to any business or product. 

IPMG covers: Marketing Strategy, Social Media Management, Routes to Market, Crisis Control, Press Relations, Events, Content Creation and Dissemination. 



Press & Journalism Training & Licensing

Training, accreditation and licensing for journalists and members of the Press. 


News & Newspapers

Publication, distribution of print and digital newspapers.




Public Screen Marketing

When it comes to making a big impression nothing quite competes with large, widespread public screens.

IPMG and our partners operate both print and digital screens across public transport and public spaces in some of the world's most iconic cities.

Buildings, Billboards, Screens, Posters, Buses, Subway Trains/Underground Tubes, Trams, Shopping Malls, Airports, Stations and Taxis.

UK: London, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Liverpool.

EU wide coverage. 

USA: NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami.

GCC: Muscat, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Manama, Kuwait City, Riyadh, Jeddah.

World Wide: Global coverage in many of the world's biggest cities. 



Media Production

Custom production of; Documentaries, Movies, Television Series, Web Series, Pod Casts, Advertisements, Social Media, Audio, Video, Graphics, Interviews, Websites, News Broadcasts, Presentations, Pilots, Photography, Digital Content, Apps and much more

Custom Print Production

Print makes a powerful and tactile impression.

Newspapers, Books, Magazines, Brochures, Flyers. Posters, Business Cards, Plastic ID Cards, Contracts, Documents, Forms, Academia, Certificates, Pull Outs, Ingredients, Instructions, Labels, Stickers, Clothing Labels, Art Prints, Portfolios, Catalogs, Maps, Clothing, Stationary, Vehicle Branding, Signage and much more. 

What ever your printing needs, what ever the scale, IPMG can design and produce professional, ultra high-end prints 

Market Research and Polls

IPMG Carries out Government Opinion Polls, Market Research and many other polls for both Public and Private Sector around the world. 

Polls from IPMG collect data from some of the largest source samples in the world offering far superior accuracy and results. 


○ PR Consultancy

○ Media Consultancy

○ Brand Awareness

○ Image Management 

○ Corporate Consultancy

○ Product/Brand Development

○ Launch Management

○ Digital Consultancy 

○ Market Expansion 

○ Crisis Management

○ Ethics Consultancy 

& much more

Corporate Training

Invite IPMG to come and offer world class corporate training to your teams.

Media and Press awareness, Media and Press Relations, PR & Image Management, Crisis Management, Cultural Awareness, Marketing Strategy, Ethics Training, Ethical Journalism and much more

Product Development

Here at IPMG we offer step by step guidance and management to assist you every step of the way from inception to market.

Business Planing, Product Viability, Market Research, Financial Forecasting, Routes to Market, PR and Media Consultancy, Dissemination, Fund Raising, Corporate Consultancy, Product Launch and much more  

Military Grade Cyber Security

  • Data Shredding
  • Encryption 
  • Firewalls
  • Secure Communication
  • Counter Espionage 

All services are GDPR compliant and use Military grade technologies to ensure that only those intended can access your data and communications. 


IPMG Technologies

IPMG Technologies is the ever expanding research and development branch of IPMG. 

Technologies currently offered and/or in development include: artificial intelligence, publication, communication, auto-translation, facial and voice recognition, object recognition, traffic and readership verification, virtual assistants, voice control, gesture control, identity confirmation, identity protection, meditec, tracking, cyber security, surveillance and counter-surveillance.



TUKI ® Assistant: Your helpful artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant from IPMG, compatible with all major platforms and languages.

Ask TUKI ®: Your helpful socially engaging information portal. Registered users can post questions to the world. Anwers must be referenced correctly and be independently verifiable by our professional admin team. Questions and answers can be voted up or down.