The International Press and Media Group Publishes a comprehensive portfolio of premium quality periodical magazines.

FHB Magazine | Lifestyle 

The International | Business & Economics

Politika 187 | Politics and Culture

Dushmani Arts | Art & Design

The Review | Industry specialist series | includes: The Linguistic Review, The Medical Review, The Entertainment Review, The Technology Review, The Construction Review, The Law Review, The Art Review and many more...

FHB Magazine

FHB Magazine: Fashion Health Beauty Magazine is a weekly print and digital lifestyle magazine focusing on men's, women's and unisex fashion, health and beauty content including tutorials, reviews, ideas, tips and tricks.



The International Press and Media Group publishes and distributes a comprehensive portfolio of print and digital newspapers world wide.

Al-Sahawat Times

Al-Sahawat Times is IPMG's flagship daily print and digital global newspaper with a strong focus on ethics.

Covering current affairs, business & finance, technology and science, education, arts & culture, literature, entertainment, real estate, travel, sports, good news, global events and much more.

Published globally in a variety of languages since 2007.



The International Press and Media Group publishes a comprehensive portfolio of academic journals and research papers.

IPMG Law Journal

IPMG Business Journal

IPMG Medical Journal

IPMG Media Journal

IPMG Education Journal

IPMG Science Journal

IPMG Environment Journal

IPMG Technology Journal

IPMG Engineering Journal

IPMG Mathematics Journal

IPMG History Journal

IPMG Linguistics Journal

IPMG Agriculture Journal


The International Press and Media Group creates, publishes and distributes books and novels in all genres, countries and languages. 

Inclufding:Ttextbooks, manuals, non fiction, fiction, biographies, children's books, reference books, educational books and many more...


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Streaming Services

Custom Projects 

The International Press and Media Group offers full custom production of all print, film, audio and digital materials.

From books, journals, magazines, papers, posters, marketing materials, clothing, websites, logos, design, stickers and vinyls to documentaries, news broadcasts, content and stories, and much more...

The International Press and Media Group produces content for some of the biggest names in media and news.


Consultancy & Product Development

The International Press and Media Group has an award winning team of highly experienced, skilled specialist concultants to assist every step of the way. 

Whether a start up or a multinational bluechip looking to expand or restructure IPMG has the consultant for you.