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Corporate Structure


IPMG® Global business, a different way 

More a loving family than global corporate group

The International Press and Media Group® does things a different way. With our grounding in ethics, honesty and a more humane, personal approach to business we are reinventing how global business is done. 


How the group is structured


IPMG consists of multiple elements, subsidiaries, companies, programs, organisations, products and services around the world. Whilst each will have some level of autonomy, they will ultimately answer to the IPMG head office. As many elements of our family trade and/or operate under their own distinctive brand, to ensure that you are receiving the original, genuine level of professionalism, quality and ethics that IPMG stands for, we will always state clearly when a family member is part of the IPMG family. Should you be in any doubt, don't hesitate to contact us immediately, we will be more than happy to clarify the authenticity of all of our members. 




IPMG Global's Head Office is owned by a number of high profile figures from the Middle-East and Europe including business leaders and Royal Family members. 


Recognition & Authority


→ IPMG is authorised to issue PRESS CARDS and JOURNALISM LICENSES recognised by the United Nations - News & Media Division. 

United Nations News Media Division - IPMG - Board Members - Sheikh Shamsaldin Qais Sulayman Al-Said

United Nations News Media Division - IPMG - Board Members - Sheikh Shamsaldin Qais Sulayman Al-Said




The International Press and Media Group offers 700'000 Ordinary shares (representing 7%) on the Private Stock Exchange.

The current share value stands at: £450 (GBP).

Shares are divided into the following classes: 

Absolute Shares (Full power of veto, authority to appoint, remove or amend directors, absolute authority)

Preference Shares (Full rights to act on behalf of IPMG, appoint and remove directors [with the exception of Absolute Shareholders], full voting and dividends rights)

Ordinary Shares (Full voting rights and conditional, discretionary dividends rights)


IPMG® a champion of ethical business and living

Code of Ethics:

All of our publications and services here at The International Press and Media Group® adhere to a strict code of ethics. Our code of ethics govern every aspect of how we do business. Aiming to lead by example, the IPMG family works towards a future that works for the greater peace and progression of all.


What is Ethical News?


Here at The International Press and Media Group, we don't just follow an award winning code of ethics, we actually wrote them. ("The Al-Said Code")


The Al-Said Code of Ethics outlines precisely what is newsworthy with the focus being on informing, educating and enlightening the public without humiliating or damaging anyone's reputation, life or livelihood. The focus is on positivity. News that will inform the public of information or in a fashion that can have a positive impact on the audience, whilst covering all major global events.

Code of Ethics for News services can be read here.




IPMG is a global brand that is trusted and looked towards to set the standards all over the world in a wide variety of cultures. Not wishing to install regional duplicity, only unity, through peace and education. As such all content, including advertising partners, comply with IPMG's modesty policy, which aims to remove offence any audience may infer. 


Staff and the Environment:


As a family, IPMG is committed to our unique Ethical Business Model. Our staff are given "family days" in addition to annual leave, paid substantially over the industry average and given extensive support and freedoms to ensure quality of life. 


Environmentally friendly, natural, sustainable products from inks and paper to computer servers and office coffee are all used to minimise our environmental impact. 


Community initiatives in employment, training, charity work and education are all part of what makes The International Press and Media Group so much more than just a corporation. ♻️



Second Chance Program:


Founded by our Global Chief Executive Officer, the Second Chance Program offers a second chance at life to those society often leaves behind. 


The Second Chance Program offers a rout into; Medical Treatment, Housing, Education/Training, Employment, Clothing, Food, Rehabilitation, Counselling and social reintegration to those overlooked the most.  


The Second Chance Program aims to help those struggling with; Homelessness, Mental Health conditions, Release from Prison, Recovery after a traumatic event, Addiction, Poverty and Hardship.


In the first six months of 2017 the Second Chance Program directly assisted 62'081 individuals. 


London Homeless Crisis:


In 2017 one in every 25 people in London, one of the world's wealthiest cities, permanently slept on the streets, with many more in temporary or make shift accommodation. 


As a result, the number of people dying on the streets each day from starvation and hypothermia reached epic proportions. 


IPMG collects donations of essentials to distribute to the homeless of London on an on going basis with the initiative soon to be rolled out globally. 


Winter hats, Scarves, Gloves, Jumpers, Thermal Clothing, Blankets, Winter Coats, Sleeping Bags, Tents, Socks, Hygiene items (e.g. soap, shower gel, tooth past, tooth brushes etc), small camping stoves, solar power banks are all items being collected and distributed.